Tuesday, January 8, 2008

happy birthday *takes sunglasses off* mr. caruso

With just four hours left of this momentous occasion, I am forever indebted to Entertainment Tonight (which, yes, I tune into from time-to-time -- I don't have cable; leave me alone!) for informing me that David Caruso, the clear stand0ut star of CBS's CSI franchise and all around coolest. dude. ever., turned 52 today.

Fifty-two years old you say? *puts sunglasses on* More like 52 years young!


I'll be back to more DC-related topics tomorrow, I swear. But come on! I had to give a birthday shout out to the only red-head that could pull off playing a character named Horatio.


the law said...

Caruso makes me believe in America again. God bless.

Marissa said...

Caruso for president?

*cue The Who*