Wednesday, January 23, 2008


And to flip my virtual frown upside down sideways, I decided to buy not one, but two pairs of shoes online. And, um, they're both patent leather.

Now, I know what you must be thinking: "Ew." Or as one of my well-dressed friends G-chatted to me after I revealed my purchase, "On purpose?"

Yes. On purpose. But as with all my madness, there's always a method. Specifically, I have two glorious outfits in my mind, both of which call for patent leather footwear. And before "hipster" dominatrix images begin dancing whipping you in your heads, I want to make clear that no part of either of the two looks involves latex, grommets, fishnet unitards, corsets, chains, collars or any other iteration of said dominatrix theme.

Anyway, feast your eyes on one of my new great patent leather loves (the other shall remain my private dancer until the time is right):


Peter said...

i've always maintained that patent leather made shoes more versatile - you can use them as a mirror should the need arise, do coke off of them, etc. a very handy shoe material.

Marissa said...

Damn, Peter! You truly are an innovator.