Monday, January 28, 2008

inappropriate subject matter for this blog...

But, eff it. In lieu of going out and finding new things to bitch about in DC, I had a very introspective weekend, having finally decided to decorate the walls of my tiny studio with photos I've taken from trips beyond the Beltway. And well, since I don't really have any new DC-related material (although I definitely will tomorrow), I thought I might as well post some brightly colored memories. So, without further ado, here's the "art" guests of my little home would enjoy if: 1) I had enough space to fit people into my apartment; and, 2) People liked me enough to want to come over, um, I mean 2) I liked people enough to actually invite them over (Zing!).

Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2007

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2005 ("Swimming in the fountain is strictly prohibted.")

Istanbul, Turkey, 2005

Las Pampas, Argentina, 2006

Punta del Este, Uruguay, 2006

Rome (in the Colleseum), Italy, 2007

Venice, Italy, 2007

So, why no Moscow photos, you may be asking? Well, for one, I didn't own a camera the entire time I lived there so the few photos I have generally aren't wall-appropriate in an "artsy" type of way. But even if I did, I'm not sure I'd have taken too many photos. See, I've never been the type to pack a camera on a regular basis. However, now that I'm (obsessively) committed to this DC-related blogging endeavor, perhaps I'll start snapping locally. Then I can photo-document every single wayward bandage on the street...sweet.


The Vinyl District said...

Heeey - thanks for the link! You rock for reals. (Amazing photos too...!)

Marissa said...

No problem re: the link. I learn something new from your site nearly every day.

Thanks for the kudos on the photos, too. I think I'll post more in the futures.

The Vinyl District said...

...and I've escaped your crosshairs?! How can that be...? (I guess there's still time - ha...)

Marissa said...

I will turn on you in a flash the second I see you start posting songs about pleated khaki pants. That's not a threat -- it's a promise.

The Vinyl District said...

We shall coexist harmoniously then.

Velvet said...

You took these pictures? Holy shit. Usually I never get photography, but damn. Well done. Love the Italy ones the most.

Marissa said...

Hey, thanks! My fave is the Kyrgyz one because the child is clearly laughing in the face of rules.