Tuesday, January 15, 2008

you'll have to pry the internet from my cold, dead hands

Wow. I feel like it's been forever. I mean, 24 hours is a long time to be separated from my most favorite of useless hobbies. No, not putting my pants through the extra hot drying cycle twice in an effort to make them tighter (that's clearly useful). I'm talking about blogging. Blogging about how much I hate DC. But I have some bad (and/or good) news (depending on how much you wish I would duck out of DC hobo-style on a freight train and never look back).

I'm in LA!

Yes, there's some hullabaloo to cover for my salaried job, so I had to leave the city I love to (hilariously) hate so much to spend a week in the land of fairytales, broken dreams and Justin Bobby.

And while I probably will spend quite a few hours trying to get on The Hills, perhaps by punching all of its cast in the face (save for JB, of course) for being so annoying, I hope to post at least a couple of new items between now and Friday.

But for now, to keep with my retardulous Hills theme, I invite you to spend a few moments taking in the glory that is this apt reenactment (starring James Franco as JB and Mila Kunis as Audrina) of a seminal scene from what I consider MTV's greatest and fakest reality program.

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