Monday, January 7, 2008

this doesn't have to do with dc at all but...

This is hilarious. Probably one of the top video exposés of all time. Especially if you think American Apparel is kind of gnarly -- and I say that, apparently, as a "DC hipster" (who knew?!). And I don't even own any metallic spandex at all. I kind of want to now, however, just to f*ck with this city.


That's right, emoticon. Enjoy:


BAD said...

what is it with you and the emoticons lately? >:-\

Marissa said...





If you can figure out what the hell I just said, I will buy you a (´┏_┓`)


BAD said...

I can't. But moving on. I don't get this video. Why don't they just wear the sweatshirts? And should I make a video about how all the clothes at Wal-mart are so big that even a size small makes me look skinnier than I actually am?

John said...

newsflash: ugly people look bad in ugly clothes. i'm not sure who i hate more: american apparel (which i have hated ever since i went to their store on sunset blvd a few years ago thinking that it would be cool since they advertised on pitchfork) or the idiots in this video, particularly the chick with the Stupid (tm) glasses.

Marissa said...

bad, john --

Snap! You people are meaner than I am!

While I personally wouldn't classify these girls as "fat" -- at least, in the American sense of the word (every American is pretty much fat in the Russian sense of the word) -- I think there's a point here. I mean, uni-thongs are pretty much uninversally unflattering. Am I wrong here?

But even more awesome in this video is the Trina soundtrack. Woot! Woot! Pull over, that ass too fat.