Friday, January 11, 2008

that will be $9 and sexual harassment cents

I had a roaring good time on my way home from work last night. And while I wasn't lucky enough to land in a DC version of Cash Cab (damn, I wish there was one here), I was lucky enough to meet a cabbie whose sense of humor rivaled the sickness of my own.

Cabbie: So, what do you do?

Me: I'm a reporter.

Cabbie: Do you report on sexual harassment?

Me: Uh...what was that?

Cabbie: Sexual harassment. Do you report on that?

Me: [slightly confused LOLing] Um, no.

Cabbie: Great! Then I still have a chance!

And as if that charming bit wasn't enough, when we finally pulled up to my place following a few short moments of silence he told me about his bad-ass alter ego:

Cabbie: [turns around] I do private taxes too.

Me: I'm sorry? What was that?

Cabbie: [takes out a stack of business cards] Private taxes.

Me: [takes the 16 business cards (yes, Rainman over here counted them)] Taxes? You do people's taxes?

Cabbie: Yes, taxes. I can give you a discount and do your private taxes.

If it wasn't for the excessive amount of business cards (so I can "hand them out to my friends") imprinted with "Individual & Small Business Bookkeeping," I definitely would've thought "private taxes" was some sort of metaphor for more sexual harassment -- sexual harassment that I apparently would've had to pay for, albeit at a discounted price.

But possible bizarre (and quite hilarious) transactions aside, this guy clearly needs his own show: SEXUAL HARASSMENT ACCOUNTANT CABBIE. It'd be like Taxi Cab Confessions but, you know, with more number-crunching. 2+2=tight!

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