Monday, January 21, 2008

this is what i want

I want more men in, to have attitudes about clothing like the friend who earlier sent me this:
I just bought a suit and I'm so excited about it, I want to tell everyone:

It's the one the guy on the left is wearing.

It was like 50% off. I am so happy. This is the best of day of 2008!
YES! Not only is it refreshing to know a guy so excited about fashion, but the fact that he's this excited over a suit is even better. Now (full disclosure), this snazzy suit-wearing friend of mine lives in NYC (of course...), but I believe many male DCers should take a cue from him. Suits don't have to be 5 sizes too big, pleated, poly-blended and ugly. No, they can be quite hot (as exhibited to your right) even if you're not a male model (ahem, who I met in the Bahamas, but I digress). And, let me now speak DC's language: Nice looking suits can be fairly priced, as my friend's 50 percent off testament shows.

So please, if any dishabille DC dude somehow happens to be reading this, despite that I spend most of my blogging time insulting you and your female compatriots, please, please click on the Oliver Spencer link, view the suit on the left and try to aim for that next time you're deciding whether it's a good idea to buy your wardrobe at Sears.

(Seriously, this Sears model on the left looks like he's wearing a diaper, no?)




Anonymous said...

damn that is a tight suit. pv

Marissa said...

So tight, in fact, that it understandably produced the best day of this young man's life so far this year.